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Old Photos - Homewood PA

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A typical street in Homewood. The post office, established in 1862, was renamed as the Racine Post Office in 1908 to avoid confusion with Homewood neighborhood of Pittsburgh. The village became known as Racine as well. (c1910) Full Size

Another street scene in Homewood. (c1905) Full Size

The Hotel Wallace and what must be a bridge across Clark’s Run in foreground. (c1908) Full Size

I believe this is a view of Main Street in Homewood (also known as Racine) taken from the old St. Cloud Hotel. (c1905) (Photo courtesy of Bill Cwynar) Full Size

A view along the railroad tracks in Homewood. I find this photo a bit confusing. The St. Cloud Hotel is visible in center (large building to the right of the tracks) but the railroad station which would be directly across the tracks to the left appears to be missing. It would have sat behind where the stack of wood and the two little railroad buildings are. You can make out the railroad spur (in front of houses on left) that runs off to the left and crosses just above Buttermilk Falls. (1908) Full Size


  1. Perhaps,a flood,due to the erosion around Clark’s Run.


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