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Pulaski Bridge - Pulaski PA

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The village of Pulaski was laid out in 1832 and soon after a wooden covered bridge (shown above) was built to provide access across the Shenango River. It may have initially been a privately-owned toll bridge. The bluffs on the western bank of the Shenango River are visible in the background. (c1900) Full Size

The old covered bridge (shown above) brought wagon and pedestrian traffic right into the heart of the village of Pulaski. The aging structure was destroyed by a fire on Tuesday, September 2, 1902, and work on a new steel frame bridge – with a wooden deck – commenced soon after. The eastern span of the nearly-completed bridge actually plummeted into the river in late January 1903 and delayed its formal opening. The new bridge, with a wooden deck that required periodic replacement, opened in 1903 and was renovated many times over the years. It was greatly modernized in 1940 and given a concrete deck for the first time. (c1894) Full Size

A truck prepares to exit the Pulaski Bridge on the west bank of the Shenango River. Notice the close proximity of the railroad tracks. (c1985)

Work on the new concrete span bridge (on right), authorized by state officials in 1977, finally began in September 1985. The $1.1 million project was carried out by Brayman Construction of Gibsonia. The new structure was opened to traffic on Monday, July 28, 1986. Work then commenced on tearing down the old steel bridge and lasted about three months. (1986) (Photo courtesy of Toni Muscarella) Full Size

The second Pulaski Bridge was in use for many years and was finally slated for replacement in 1977. A modern steel girder frame and concrete deck bridge (shown above) opened in 1986. (May 2012)

Looking west across the modern bridge. (May 2012)

Remnants of the old pier, which I believe is from the original covered bridge, are visible just north of the modern structure. (May 2012)

A closeup of the remains of the old pier sitting in the middle of the river. (May 2012)


  1. I lived in Pulaski. Went to 2nd grade there. I remember when the river overflowed and quite a few homes were damaged .


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