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Harry Hunter's Gas Station - Newport (New Beaver Boro) PA

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Harry Hunter’s gas station, located on the corner of Route 18 and Newport Road. From left its Jim Freed kneeling, Paul Veon with tie, Ralph Hunter sitting, unknown man in hat, unknown man crouching, and owner Harry Brooks Hunter in white t-shirt. Harry Hunter, the son of Clark and Evelyn Hunter and a retired telegraph operator for the B&O Railroad, died in August 1953 at the age of eighty. He was interred in Newport Cemetery. (c1938) (Photo courtesy of Paul Hunter Sr.) Full Size


  1. The young man in the tie, also wearing spats, is my father, Harry Veon who was called Peck by his friends. I have a copy of this photo; given to me by Paul Hunter in about 1975. Paul is the man kneeling on the right.

  2. Harry Brooks Hunter is my great uncle and brother to my grandfather Rev. Herbert Warren Hunter. I was told Harry Hunter was at onetime postmaster of Irish Ripple P.O.between Wampum and Newport but I didn’t know he was owner of a gas station. I still have an old Fairbanks balance scale used at the post office and still use it to check my outgoing heavy letters to see if they are over one ounce requiring extra postage.
    Robert T Fellows 3/24/2013

  3. Edwin Paul Hunter is my father. I grew up in the house of Irish Ripple Post Office. Joe Veon was our neighbor. Paul Burton Hunter is my brother that just passed on July 1, 2014; also Ted, Jerry & Dale are my siblings. Paul Kenneth Hunter (Paul Burton’s son) is now living in the homestead, the Irish Ripple Post Office. That is one of my ice cream chairs in the pic!!! I have the table and set of 4 chairs. I don’t know how many table sets there were.

    Darla Hunter Barker


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