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Coal Ridge School - Little Beaver Twnp PA

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The pupils of the one-room Coal Ridge School pose in front of their schoolhouse sometime in the early 1920’s. The building, which housed students up to the eighth grade, was located along Route 551 possibly a short distance north of Enon Valley. I’m not sure when this schoolhouse first opened, but it was closed in June 1939 with the opening of the Little Beaver Consolidated School later that fall. Raymond Patterson (middle back) and Marth Patterson Strohecker (left end in back) are pictured here. (Photo courtesy of Don Howard) Full Size


  1. My Dad Stewart William Huston, Sr. WENT TO
    Coal Ridge School.

  2. My father Arthur Williams and siblings went there, talked about walking through a woods to get there.

  3. I think this is actually Wilson (or Frog Pond) School. It is now a home just south of the Turnpike Bridge on Route 551. Coal Ridge was located at the base of a steep hill that held several coal mines throughout it. It is now a home on Beaver Dam Road, which branches off 551 on the north side of the Turnpike. This one is sitting on top of a hill. Thanks!

  4. I grew up a couple of miles from Coal Ridge School. I have several pictures of the school including a reunion photo with a large group of former students,teachers and parents. My Dad, George Walker, went there along with his brother Wayne and sisters Jean and Florence. Also, my great Uncle Arnot Walker taught there and my aunt by marriage Lovella Scott (Hunt).

  5. I know someone who just bought this house (Frog Pond Schoolhouse) and I am looking for a picture of it to have framed for them. Can anyone help me? I have looked on line and came up with nothing but the comments from you here. Thank you!

  6. I have a photo of the 1898 class of Coal Ridge School, so we know that it was open that early. It would be nice to know when it actually opened. My grandmother and uncle are in the picture, which also lists the teacher as Clyde Young. I left a copy with the Historical society annex.


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