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Arthur McGill School - New Castle PA

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The six-room Arthur McGill Elementary School, located in the North Hill area, opened for classes on January 3, 1922. It was named in honor of U.S. Army Captain Arthur McGill, a local boy and artillery officer who died of pneumonia in France in early 1919 just after the Great War (World War I) ended. The school was expanded in 1956 and was in service for many years until it was closed in June 1988. The building was purchased by the Clen-Moore Presbyterian Church, which used it to operate a community center and also leased space to a parochial school. The community center closed in 2004 but the former school remains home to the New Castle Christian Academy, the only non-denominational Christian school in the county. (Mar 2012) Full Size

A second grade class of the Arthur McGill Elementary School from the 1950-51 school year. The teacher is Marilyn Calvin (later Comstock), a Westminster College graduate who joined the faculty in January 1951. The front row from left is: Sandra Sterner, Jackie Sloushburg, Barbara Struttin, Dianne Arnold, Frank Turner, Elaine Chapman, David Jackson, Francis Campbell, Nancy Hoffmaster, Isabelle Drushel, Mary Todd Perry, and Frank Stratemeyer. (1951) (Photo courtesy of Elaine Chapman Chilcote) Full Size

A 4th grade class photo from the 1952-53 school year. The teacher is Mrs. Mary Eakin, who soon took a leave of absence to teach with the DoD schools in Germany. Elaine Chapman is standing in the middle of row three – fifth from left end. (1953) (Photo courtesy of Elaine Chapman Chilcote) Full Size

Arthur McGill’s 5th grade class from 1953-54. The teacher is identified as “Mrs. Stewart.” Elaine Chapman is standing in third row – third from right end in glasses. (1954) (Photo courtesy of Elaine Chapman Chilcote) Full Size

A group of 6th graders from the 1954-55 school term. The teacher is Mrs. Daisy Hurst, who joined the faculty in 1951. Elaine Chapman is standing in top row – 3rd from left end. (1955) (Photo courtesy of Elaine Chapman Chilcote) Full Size

A classroom (2nd grade most likely) at the Arthur McGill Elementary School. Teacher Annette Levine is standing at rear. (c1970) (Tom Weller photo) Full Size

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  1. I attended this school in the early 60’s…It seemed to be so big then! Memories…

  2. I started school here in 1937. First grade was a beautifully appointed room. The teacher’s name was Helen Maxwell. There was a polio scare in 1937 when a boy was a victim of polio.

  3. Reminiscing and looked up Arthur McGill Elementary School, many memories. I came to New Castle in 1964 and started in 2nd grade with Mrs Stone. I remember all my teachers: 3rd Miss Kyle, 4th Mrs Crutchman, 5th HR Mr DeFelice (switched classes so also Mrs Stuart and Mrs Mohar), 6th HR Mr Smith (Mrs Rugh and Miss Gilchrist). Many faces and names come to mind, but too many to list. Today is a nice stroll down memory lane.

  4. I attended Arthur McGill from 58-63. My dad attended Arthur McGill from 1928-33. He worked at Johnson Bronze from 1943-73. Thanks for developing this site.
    David E Parsons Jr

  5. Behind the school was blacktop and woods behind that in the 60’s when I attended Arthur McGill. When I returned in 2001 the woods had been removed. A teacher told me that bears came out of the woods on to the blacktop, and that was the reason the woods were removed. Can anyone confirm that response.
    David Parsons

  6. In response to David Parsons They did away with the woods behind Arthur McGill School is because they needed a parking lot. I live in a house my father build in 1931 across the street and I still live there. Seen bears up to 1938. There are only four still living that I went to school there. Sincerely, Harry Banks

  7. I went to McGill, started first grade at Clen moore church because there wasn’t room at the school. I remember it well. While at McGill I remember a lady coming to talk to us, she was from Europe. She told us that someday in our lives we would have to pay to watch TV and be able to see people we were talking to on the phone. That seemed ominous to elementary kids….now look at our technology! Thanks for the pics and your site, brings back memories.

  8. I remembered today (Ground Hog Day) was also the birthday of one of my former 5th grade teachers—-started searching for her and found this site. I attended from grades 2-6 way back in the 60s. I have very fond memories of this place, the teachers, and still keep in touch with many friends, especially my BFF who has remained faithful since grade 2. When I return to New Castle to visit family, I sometimes drive by and let my mind wander back to those long ago years. Great memories!

  9. I attended 5th (Miss Wilson) & 6th (Mrs. Hurst) grades at McGill. I remember very nice & smart 5th grade classmates like Glen Perlman, Susan Goodpasture, Bill Bradford & Bill Ralph. In 6th grade, Mrs. Hurst made it fun to learn. She was the best!

  10. Love all the photos and they brought back many fond memories. Jack Edgerly, I believe your were in my class at McGill. I will have to pull out my class photo and see if I can identify you. Glad to see you also have fond memories.

  11. I attended this school for seven years, kindergarten through grade 6. Many fond memories. I’m glad it’s still in use as a school.

  12. I attended Arthur McGill for only two years ( 1958-59), I believe it Miss Morrisons 5th grade and Mr. Theobalds 6th grade classes. Even though just two years, when I think of having fun times at school I recall these two years in New Castle, PA. . I would have loved to have gotten to know Mr. Theobald as an adult as he inspired in me a love for Nature I never realized I had. Though New Castle was a depressed area, I never knew that as a kid….we had simple pleasures and made great fun of our own invention.

  13. I attended the school from 42 to 48 I thought it had more than 6 classrooms I got chance to go through the school several years ago and it seem so small versus how big I remembered it to be.

  14. I went to Arthur McGill starting in 1969. I had Mrs. Mathews in first/ Mrs. Cox in second/ third Miss Vance/ Mohar and McKibben / Stewart in 5th and Gilchrist/ Smith/ McFarland in 6th. Loved going to this school. Mr. Cower I believe was the principal. I remember those huge pictures that were in all of the rooms. Would love to know what happened to them. What a great school to attend—wonderful memories. I am now finishing my 31st year of teaching in Maryland.

    Richard Harris

  15. Had Mrs Matthews for first grade and Mrs Cox for second grade. Mr McCracken was the principal.

  16. I attended Arthur Mc Gill from 1959 until we moved to So. Calif. in 1963. I remember Mrs. Lieblick, Mrs Cox, Mrs. Bear and Mrs. Cruchman. I kept in contact with Mrs. Crunchman for many years and she even visited with my family when she made a trip to Los Angeles one summer. We were pen pals for many years and when I married in 1975, Mrs. Crunchman sent us a lovely set of placemats for a wedding gift. Our correspondence carried on until my dear fourth grade teacher passed away. I have so many fond memories of my early childhood and the beautiful brick school house that started me on my way. Love to all my schoolmates whom I still remember, Leslie, Denise, Carol, Jeffery, Chuckie, and Debbie P. These are just a few. God Bless you all and thank you being a happy part of my young childhood.

  17. I attended and loved Arthur McGill from 1958 on. Had Mrs. Lieblich, Miss Kyle 2 years, Miss Giffin, Mrs. Rebecca Stewart (in the picture), and in 6th grade had Mr. David Smith, Miss Daisy Hurst, and Miss Ruth Gilchrist. We were square-dancing in the gym with Miss Hurst when we learned President Kennedy had been shot. My childhood was largely spent at Arthur McGill and Clen-Moore church. Remember it all fondly. Mr. Theobald, the principal in my last years there, died last year. As with Richard Haynes, he instilled in me a love for nature which is still going strong. I was a handful and he took a special interest in me. I owe him a lot!

  18. I also attended Arthur McGill from 1958 on. I, too, remember being in the gym for square dancing when President Kennedy was assassinated. They announced it over the loud speaker and that memory is so vivid!! I had Mrs. Lieblich, Miss Kyle, Miss Giffin (remember her black flat shoes), Mrs. Mohar, Mr. Smith, Mrs. Hurst and Miss Gilchrist. Mrs. Hurst’s husband died that year when I had her as a 6th grade teacher. I loved Mr. Smith . . . he was a great science teacher!

  19. What was the address of McGill, and what were the cross streets? Thanks

  20. I remember when they announced the scores of the Pirates 1960 World Series games over the loudspeaker during class. Whne the Pirates were ahead, the class (Mrs. Meyers, 3rd grade) cheered, except for one girl, Myra Thorne, who had moved here from New York, Poor Myra!

  21. Response to Richard Harris
    Glad you became a teacher and I shared your teachers too. I think I remember you. Skinny redhead? I loved that school and It really laid a great foundation of learning in my life!

  22. I was at McGill 1st through half of 4th-( 1958 to 1961) grade. I remember Craig Collins, Sharon Putnam, and Myra Thorne. Myra was from NY? She had a pronounced Southern accent! Say, does anyone know what became of Charlie Moorehouse?

  23. I attended Arthur McGill from 1949-1952, grades 1-3 (then we moved to NJ). The only teacher’s name I remember was Mrs. Nina Lieblich — she was a personal friend of my mother. I recall our room had a funny little side-door access on the south side of the school… and I seem to remember a woods with a stream where I would go to be quiet while some of the other kids played (I was painfully shy).
    I am in the first photo (I have a copy of it in a scrapbook), the 1950-1951 pic… second row, 3rd from the left… my name was Jan Williams then, too.

  24. response to Bobbi Cunningham

    Bobbi I think I remember you as well. Thin as well, with short dark hair. Wish I were still skinny and a redhead—now a blended white. Did go to a reunion at McGill a few years ago—a few teachers were there. Miss Vance (Cercell) and Miss Depola (4th grade). It was so nice to see the old school and that it still continues to be a school today. Now retired from Maryland- in New Wilmington now.

    Richard Harris

  25. To Richard Harris- I remember you from back then. I lived up on Delaware Ave. You were one of my first friends! Seems like an eternity ago.


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