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Bill Fray Chevrolet - New Castle PA

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Car salesman William “Bill” Fray (1921-1994) opened a Chevy dealership at #27 West Grant Avenue in downtown New Castle in about April 1963. The site has been associated with the auto industry having previously been home to Mangiarelli Motors from 1956-1959, B&R Motor Sales from 1959-1960, and Chevrolet-Keystone from 1960-1963. Fray upgraded and relocated his dealership to Wilmington Road in September 1965 (shown above). The business was sold in c1983 and is currently the home of G.O. Crivelli Automotive. (c1975) Full Size


  1. Bill was a great guy and loved cars. I bought a new 1960 Impala convertible off him and the next day there was a big snow.. My father was about ready to send me to the nut farm. HARRY L. BANKS

  2. My Mother was from Mt. lebanon in Pittsburgh. She used to work with Bill’s wife Julie. Both Bill and Julie became good friends of ours. I remember in the late 50’s, Bill would always bring over a new model Chevy, and take me for a ride. We became so close that I called them Aunt Julie and Uncle Bill.
    Bill at the time was General Manager of Don Allen Chevrolet in Pittsburgh. He then got the opportunity to start Bill Fray Chevrolet in New Casrle.
    During the Summer of 1960 I stayed with Bill and Julie.
    I was then in between 8th grade and starting High School in the Fall.
    It was then that I met their 2 adopted Daughters, Ruth and Mary Ellen. Bill and Julie had the biggest hearts of anyone I know. Aunt Julie passed away shortly after that great Summer and I was devastated by her lose.
    I love them deeply to this day. Would love to hear from Ruth and Mary Ellen.

    Rob McCann


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