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Hilltown Bridge - Hillsville PA

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On March 24-25, 1913, a great flood swept along the rivers of Lawrence County and practically paralyzed the entire region. The original Hilltown Bridge survived the initial flood waters of the Mahoning River, but a large portion of it collapsed on Saturday, March 29. The following August the Farris Bridge Company of Pittsburgh was awarded the contract to rebuild the bridge at a cost of $10,700. The new Hilltown Bridge (shown above), located next to the PRR Train Station, was completed in June 1914. This one-lane bridge was in use for many years but eventually had to be closed to heavy vehicles. It was replaced with a modern $2.8 million concrete deck bridge, which opened in late 2007. (c1915) Full Size

The southern approach to the new Hilltown Bridge, which opened in late 2007. (Mar 2012)

The new Hilltown Bridge is supported by two large concrete piers. (Mar 2012)

The area of the bridge is said to be immersed in the lore of Zombieland, a region generally to the north of Hillsville that is reportedly the home of various odd paranormal sightings. In years past strange lights were said to have been seen under the former span at this location. (Mar 2012) Full Size

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(Mar 2012)

(Mar 2012)


  1. Grew up in Hillsville, we always called this Pensy Hill, not sure why, any ideas?

  2. (EDITOR’S NOTE) Eric, That would be because of the Pennsylvania Railroad, nicknamed the “Pennsy,” which ran along the south side of the river. The building in the first photo is the old PRR railroad station. Jeff

  3. The road is called church hill rd and at the bottom before the traintracks there is a lane named pensy lane. So I believe that’s why everyone callled it pensy Hill.


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