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Homewood Reservoir - Homewood PA

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The village of Homewood Junction, laid out in 1859, was a thriving little settlement in the late 1800’s. On the outskirts of the village was the Big Beaver Pond (also called the Homewood Reservoir), a small body of water supplied by the waters of Clark Run. The Homewood Ice Company operated a small ice plant along the banks of the pond. During the winter months a horse-drawn plow would cut huge blocks of ice on the pond, which were hauled to a nearby ice house. The ice blocks would be cut into smaller blocks and then covered with sawdust. The blocks would remain frozen throughout the year, and were sold to people in the surrounding communities to help preserve perishable food items. The ice house burned down in 1914 and was never rebuilt. The pond subsequently served as a recreation swimming hole and fishing spot for many years, and today is privately owned. (Mar 2012) Full Size

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  1. I do believe that the “ressy” also supplied Homewood Junction with water for the Steam Engines from what some of the long passed on old timers had told me.

  2. Who owns the reservoir now? I keep coming across it is privately owned. By whom?

  3. Alan Desanzo,I believe.


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