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Marshall Funeral Home - Wampum PA

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David M. Marshall (left inset) opened an undertaking and furniture store in the IOOF building in Wampum in 1905. He soon moved the business to what later became the American Legion building on Beaver Street, and suffered costly losses during the fires of July 1910. David purchased the Buchanon home on Main Street in 1936 and after remodeling reopened his operation there. David, a well-known civic leader, passed away in 1937 and his son Harold W. (middle inset) took over. When Harold W. passed away in 1966 his son Harold J. Sr. (right inset) assumed control and expanded the operation by opening a second facility in nearby Ellwood City. Harold J. Sr. passed away in 1985 and his two sons, Harold J. Jr. and Robert S., currently manage the family-run funeral business. (c1958) Full Size

David M. Marshall, a May 1905 graduate of the Pittsburgh College of Embalming, on his old horse-drawn undertaking hearse in Wampum. David was the son of John & Mary (Cole) Marshall and was born near Rock Point in Wayne Township in 1866. (c1910) Full Size

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