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Scotland Lane Public School (Union High School) - Union Twnp PA

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The new four-room Scotland Lane Public School – shown above and not to be confused with the one-room Scotland School – was opened for grades 5-8 in September 1917. Eighth grade graduates wishing to continue their education would have to attend the New Castle High School. After a major addition was built in 1922-23 and Scotland Lane Public School was opened to grade 9, and added an additional grade until it had a full four-year high school curriculum beginning in August 1925. The first commencement ceremony for four-year graduates of Union Township High School was held at the Highland United Presbyterian Church in May 1926. (1931) Full Size

The senior class of 1930-31 from Union High School. Full Size

The freshman class during the 1930-31 school year – the future graduates of 1934. Full Size

The Union High “Scotties” varsity football squad from the fall of 1930 – coached by teacher David M. Boyd and led by senior captain Joe Augustyn. They finished with a record of 7-2 and captured the Tri-County Class B championship with late season wins over Bessemer and Grove City. Full Size

The girls varsity basketball, coached by Mary Mitchell and led by senior captain Hazel Smith, from the 1930-31 school year.

The boys varsity basketball team, coached by David M. Boyd, from the 1930-31 school year. This squad finished with a 15-10 record and took third place in the Tri-County Class B league.

The Scotland Lane Public School (shown above) housed the students of the Union Township High School until the new $2.5 million Union Area Junior-Senior High School opened on Camden Avenue in September 1961. The old Scotland Lane building remained in use for younger students of the new Union Area School District, which became effective in July 1961 and combined Union Township and the smaller Edinburg Independent School District. (c1932) Full Size

Supervising Principal Roy F. Conway, who oversaw all schools in Union Township, and High School Principal Wilbert M. Leonard in their office. (1931) Full Size

The distinguished Roy F. Conway, a longtime teacher and then supervising principal of Union Township Schools. Conway, a graduate of Westminster College and Columbia University, later ascended to the position of Superintendent of County Schools. (c1933)

Wilbert M. Leonard, educated at various universities to include Pitt, Michigan, and Duke, served as principal of Union High School from 1930-1936. He departed in June 1936 to return to his hometown of Barnesboro in Cambria County, PA.

The popular Margaret E. Tucker, a Westminster College graduate, served as the English and French teacher and the school’s guidance counselor. (1931)

The junior class of Union High School from the 1932-33 school year. Full Size

The sophomore class of Union High School from 1932-33 – the future graduating class of 1935. Full Size

The Union High Orchestra and Band from 1932-33, under the watchful eye of Wooster College graduate and Music Supervisor Robert Duff (top left corner). Full Size

The Union High football squad, led by health teacher and head coach David M. Boyd, from the fall of 1932. The inexperienced team finished with a record of 3-7 and was held scoreless five times. They lost their opening game 27-0 to powerful New Castle High but won later contests against Evans City, Mars, and Sandy Lake. They also lost what sounds like a real barnburner to Bessemer High – by a score of 2-0! Full Size

The boys basketball team of 1932-33, coached by David M. Boyd, finished with a combined record of 11-12, but many of those losses were county-wide games and outside their division. They lost in the WPIAL sectional finals to New Castle High School.

The girls b-ball squad from 1932-33 was led by social studies teacher and head coach Sara S. Loudon. This team, with opened the season by thrashing Wampum High 46-2, finished with a record of 8-4-1 and finished tied for second place overall.

In this photo you can see the original portion of the school, which fronts Scotland Lane (at bottom right), and the various additions built onto the back of the building. In September 1954 the new Union Memorial Elementary School opened in the field in the upper right of this photo. In September 1961, when the new Union Area High School opened, this old school was re-dubbed as the Scotland Elementary School. The two neighboring schools jointly handled the elementary level students of Union Township until the old Scotland building was closed in June 1980. It was subsequently razed in 1996. In the upper left of this photo can be seen the athletic field that is still in use today. (c1942) Full Size

Milton A. Pattison, who served as a teacher and then principal at the high school in the 1930’s and 1940’s. He later served as supervising principal of schools in East Lawrence and Mahoning Township before assuming the post of Assistant Superintendent of Lawrence County Schools from 1958-1971. (1946)

Miss Elizabeth Robison, a graduate of the Indiana State Teachers College, served as the music supervisor at Union High School for many years. (1946)

The well-liked Clayton F. Hofmeister, a biology and physics professor, taught at the high school for ten years before leaving to join the faculty of New Castle High School in c1946. His wife also taught in Union Township. He committed suicide at the age of fifty in October 1961. (1946)

The junior class of the 1945-46 school year. Full Size

Full Size

The program for the commencement exercises of the class of 1946. Full Size

Programs of the Baccalaureate Service and the Class Night Exercises of the Union High School class of 1946. Full Size

A copy of the class song of the Union High School class of 1946. Full Size

A group of cheerleaders from the 1945-46 school year. Full Size

The boys varsity basketball team of 1945-46, led head coach and science teacher W. T. Patterson (top right).

Union High cheerleaders from the 1945-46 school year. From left its senior Audrey Hammers, senior Irene Dubrasky, freshman D. Krueger, and junior Grittie.

The Union High School band from the 1945-46 school year, led by Miss Elizabeth Robison (seated at far left). Full Size


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    Betsie Berrien

  2. I am looking for classmates of George Elmore, who is pictured in the Junior class photo from 1946 above – first row, 3rd from right. We are having a BIG 90th birthday party for George and we would love to surprise him with someone from his hometown and high school or grade school years – Either attending the event in person or we can video tape a message from you to be included in the video we plan to show.

    If you are or know someone, please contact me at marti.latour@gmail.com.

  3. My mistake. George Elmore is in the back row, third from Left. If you know him and would like to wish him Happy Birthday, please contact me at marti.latour@gmail.com.


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