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Masonic Temple - Ellwood City PA

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The Free & Accepted Masons Lodge No. 599 was chartered in Ellwood City in September 1893. The Masons initially held meetings in the Blatt Building, the First National Bank, and the Schweiger Building before finally deciding to erect their own lodge in the early 1920’s. A site was purchased on Crescent Avenue in early 1927 and construction started soon after. The cornerstone was laid during a lavish ceremony in October 1927 and the building (soon above) was opened in the spring of 1928. The second floor housed the Masonic lodge, while the first floor became the new home of the Ellwood City Public Library. The library moved to a new location in early 2010 but the Masons still meet in this building today. (Aug 2012) Full Size

(Aug 2012)

(Aug 2012)

(Aug 2012) Full Size


  1. I lived next to the library/Masonic Temple from 1962-68, you can see the white lattice on the house in the above photo. My first job was raising the flag there.


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