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Wurtemburg Public Schools - Wurtemburg PA

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In about 1910 the Wurtemburg Independent School District was abolished and some of its school properties reverted back to Wayne Township. In response Perry Township built a new four-room schoolhouse (that I believe is shown above) in the heart of Wurtemburg, which opened for classes in October 1912. The building was constructed by local contractor E. P. Workley and was known as the Wurtemburg Public School. It was later referred to as the Wurtemburg or Perry Township Consolidated School when it began taking on pupils from other nearby schools. The 22-year-old school was unfortunately lost to a devastating fire on the morning of January 31, 1934. (c1905) Full Size

The consolidated school in Wurtemburg burned down in late January 1934, but plans were formulated to erect a new school at the same location. I believe it was built as a project of the Works Progress Administration (WPA), a Great Depression-era federal program to put unemployed men to work. A group of workers take a break while building the new school in Wurtemburg, known officially as the Perry Township Public School. Italian-born bricklayer Anthony (Cerbino) Cherby is somewhere in this photo. (1936) (Photo courtesy of Tony Cherby) Full Size

While construction of the new school was underway the local children attended classes at the Ewing Park and North Side Schools in Ellwood City. It took some time but the new four-room Perry Township Public School (shown above) was completed by June 1937. It was opened for classes in early September 1937. (Aug 2012) Full Size

The façade reads as “Perry Twp Public School” but it was usually referred to as Wurtemburg Public School or the Wurtemburg Consolidated School. (Aug 2012)

The cornerstone of the old school. (Aug 2012)

The front of the old school. (Aug 2012)

A steep driveway, off of the Portersville Road (Route 488), was once utilized to access the old hilltop school. (Aug 2012)

The consolidated schoolhouse was later expanded to eight rooms and became known as the Wurtemburg-Perry Elementary School. In mid-1965, when the school housed only grades 1-4 and was at its capacity, it was proposed to build a large annex onto the back of the building to house grades 5-6. On January 23, 1968, local fifth and sixth graders, previously attending school in Ellwood City, began attending the new and improved “Perry Elementary School.” Full Size

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