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Winter Clothing Co. - New Castle PA

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George F. Winter Sr. (1876-1965), born in Union Township, began working as a salesman in Sharon as a young man. He and his brother Harry (who died in 1909) later opened a men’s clothing store in downtown New Castle in 1906. (c1911)

George managed the successful Winter Brothers store, which moved into a larger location in 1921 and became the Winter Company, for many years and was also well involved in the local community. (c1915)

An advertisement from April 1906 announcing the opening of the Winter Brothers Store. The ad says #105 East Washington Street, but later accounts give the address as #205. (1906) Full Size

George F. Winter Sr., who was previously employed as a traveling clothing salesman in Sharon, opened the Winter Brothers men’s clothing store at #205 East Washington Street (shown above) with his brother Harry in March 1906. Harry died in 1909 and George continued on alone. He purchased the J. N. Euwers Sons’ Sons women’s clothing store in 1921 and relocated across the street to that location at #210 East Washington Street – renaming his consolidated business as The Winter Company. George became one of New Castle’s most well-known and respected merchants and was involved in numerous civic activities. He later opened a new store in Youngstown in 1955. George, then serving as chairman of the board, passed away in New Castle in April 1965 at the age of eighty-eight. His family, led by eldest son George Jr., continued to run the business until I believe it was closed in the mid-1980’s. (c1909) Full Size


  1. During the 1960s, Mary Ellen Jessel (my mom) worked the sales floor, primarily in the boys’ department. She also edited Winters’ ads for the New Castle News up in the “unfinished” second floor. The rear quarter of the second floor gave space for two tailors—one male; one female—to alter Winters’ clothes for an ideal fit.

    Elizabeth was the female tailor; John the male. I don’t know if I ever knew their last names. My mom shared the sales floor with Hattie Reitz (sp?) and others including George Winter Jr. I also had the fortune to meet George Sr. Both men were “gentleman-like” in every aspect, and reasons why Winters was a success for many decades.

    I worked as a substitute janitor at Winters one summer, and that gave me access to the basement. Like most of the second floor, it was dimly lit. And again like the upper room, the basement showed exposed brick walls and a dark weathered wood ceiling (the sales floor’s underside).

  2. I remember those days, I used to go in there all the time with my grandmother sara McCartney, she did the bookkeeping and sometimes register, I remember john. I miss those days alot


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