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American Can Company - Mahoningtown (New Castle) PA

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The American Can Company, a manufacturer of tinplate (tin-coated steel) cans, was founded in New York City in 1901. The firm opened plants in various cities and soon manufactured 90% of all tin cans – particularly for condensed milk – in the United States. The company opened a plant in Mahoningtown (shown above) in late 1907, just south of the Shenango Tin Mill on Industrial Street. The plant was very productive and during times of war made ammo cans and other containers for the military. The Mahoningtown plant closed at the end of 1950. In 1961 the Lockley Machine Company leased the property for storage and then acquired it outright in late 1966. Portions of the property was used for storage by various agencies and companies. Lockley produced light sailboats and other outdoor equipment at the location for many years until the operation was sold and moved in 1996. The buildings on this site are still in use today. (c1925) Full Size

Two weekly pay stubs from January 1939 – towards the tail end of the Great Depression. Those were two minuscule paychecks for sure! (1939) Full Size


  1. The building in Mahoningtown where the American Can Co. was, became Lockley, they produced styrofoam sailboats (Snark Boats Co.) and now houses Holistic Farms which is a medical marijuana company.


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