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Farmer's National Bank - Beaver Falls PA

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The Farmer’s National Bank of Beaver Falls was organized in April 1893 with Frank F. Bierly, a leading businessman, as President. The bank occupied a prime location at #1028 Seventh Avenue. In the early 1930’s, in the midst of the Great Depression, the bank directors purchased the old Municipal Building at #1101 Seventh Avenue for $110,000. The building was razed and a magnificent new Farmer’s National Bank (shown above) was opened in 1936. The bank underwent numerous mergers over the years and closed in 1998 while serving as a branch of the National City Bank. It sat vacant for some time but is currently the home of an auction house. (c1945) Full Size

Full Size

The massive door of the vault located inside the former bank. (Bill Cwynar photo) (2015)


  1. was browsing for history on the building came across your site we are the current owners of the building. thanks for the mention


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