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St. Paul's Lutheran Church - Ellwood City PA

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In 1902 this existing church on Wayne Avenue, originally known as the Bethlehem Lutheran Church, was purchased by a group of Siebenburgen Saxons, a group of ethnic German Lutheran immigrants hailing from the province of Transylvania in Austria-Hungary. It was the first Siebenburgen Saxon church officially established in the United States. It was generally referred to as the German Lutheran Church but later became known as the St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church. The church underwent several upgrades over the years, including when it was completely remodeled (and a basement was added) and re-dedicated in November 1939 while under the tutelage of the Reverend Ludwig Beisecker. In September 2001 the congregation celebrated its 100th anniversary. This building sits in an odd location at the end of Wayne Avenue, as you can see how the former mill buildings of Aetna-Standard Engineering (now Edro Specialty Steels) encroached upon it over the years. (May 2012) Full Size

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  1. I“m wondering if this St. Paul’s is the same one that my father was baptized in 1900. His baptismal certificate says St. Paul’s New Castle. He lived on Beaver St. We are coming to the area next weekend and would like to visit.

    Thanks, Mary Beth July 13,2013
  2. (EDITOR’S NOTE) Mary Beth, the answer is probably not. New Castle had a St. Paul’s Lutheran Church as well. It was located on the NW corner of the intersection of Jefferson & Grant Streets. In Sept 1964 it merged with the Bethany Lutheran Church and was renamed as the Redeemer Lutheran Church. Another merger in 1970 saw it renamed again as the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. The old St. Paul’s Church on Grant & Jefferson remained in use until a new church building was opened in Shenango Twnp in May 1973. The old St. Paul’s was torn down in late Nov 1973. In late 1977 the general site became home to Pizza Hut, which still occupies the location today. Jeff

  3. Thanks so much for the history of the church. You are a great resource for out of state family. A wonderful

  4. I was told by someone that there are two locust grove cemetaries in ellwood city. can you confirm this- my grandfather is buried in the one which has a ‘chicken coup hill’ in it, and he is on chicken coup hill. I have been hoping to find a picture of his grave and the schuster burial plot there. do you have directions to the right cemetary? I was raised in Michigan, but live here in ohio now.

  5. (EDITOR’S NOTE) Pam, I am only aware of one cemetery in the Ellwood area known as Locust Grove. It’s located just south of the Ellwood City border in North Sewickley Township. What is your grandfather’s name and date of death? Thanks. Jeff


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