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DeMarc Auto Sales - West Pittsburg PA

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Charles DeMarc opened his first auto repair garage in this little homemade shed (on left) on Canal Street in c1962. The front porch of the former DeMarc family home is visible on right. The original home is long gone. My Uncle Charlie lived in a new house on the same property until he passed away in 2019. Across the street you can see a house and that is where Charlie would soon open his auto sales business. Full Size

A few years later Charles opened a larger garage and started an auto sales business just across the street (Route 168). Full Size

My Uncle Charlie DeMarc in his younger days. (c1946)

A young John Ault poses in front of the DeMarc Auto Sales sign.

The newer garage and office of DeMarc Auto Sales under construction on Route 168. (c1964)

DeMarc Auto Sales. (Aug 1971)

Charles DeMarc closed up the auto sales business long ago, but operated an auto salvage yard on his property for many years. Over the years he leased the former office building to others who ran auto repair and/or salvage business operations. For a few years (around 2015-2017) he also leased some property to an oil company so they could store drilling-related equipment. (Apr 2010)

An expanded view of the auto salvage yard along Route 168. (Jul 2009)


  1. I knew Charley DeMarc and my uncle Bill Book was Charleys best friend

  2. Yes we knew him Wayne Mendt. Glad to see you’re still around. Drop me a line at:


  3. Spent a lot of time at the “junk yard”. Sometimes, Charlie, Betty Ault, and a state trooper (Leonard Straple (sp) maybe, would get together and play country music.


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