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Old Photos - Rose Point PA

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The view along the Slippery Rock Creek near the village of Rose Point. In the distance can be seen the old trestle of the Western Allegheny Railroad (WARR). (c1915) Full Size

The old trestle of the WARR across the Slippery Rock Creek. (c1912)

Various settlers built mills to harness the power of the Slippery Rock Creek in the early 1800’s. In c1850 settler John Stoner purchased land along the west bank of the Slippery Rock Creek in Lawrence County and within a few years the village of Stonertown was laid out there. A post office was established in c1855 and called “Rose Point,” which the village soon adopted as its new name. Churches, schools, businesses, and homes sprung up and Rose Point was a thriving little settlement by the end of the century. It was even a stop on the Western Allegheny Railroad (WARR) in the early 1900’s. Today, Rose Point is not much more than a small collection of homes, a church, and a popular campground. Full Size


  1. John Stoner #3 1789-1867, son of John Stoner #2 1761-1808 and Anna Kauffman 1763-1822, married Mary Conner 1786-1857. They had a son John Stoner #4 1812-1894 who married Margaret Kildoo 1817-1905. They are buried at the Rose Point Cemetery across the street from the campground store. The store at the campground was originally the local church where the Stoner’s attended church services. This church is where John Stoner proclaimed that Stonertown should be called Rose Point.

  2. John Stoner is my third great uncle.
    Birth: January 20, 1812
    Fulton County, Pennsylvania, United States
    Death: March 11, 1894 (82)
    Place of Burial: Slippery Rock Township, Lawrence County, Pennsylvania, United States
    Immediate Family:

    Son of John Kaufman Stoner and Mary (Conner) Stoner
    Husband of Margaret Stoner
    Brother of John Stoner; James Stoner; William Stoner; Jacob Stoner; Charles Walker Stoner; Andrew Stoner; Catherine Chesney; Maria Kildoo; Elizabeth Stoner; Abraham Stoner; Ann Stoner; Barbara Stoner; Christian Stoner; Lydia Stoner; Henry Stoner; David Stoner and Levi Stoner


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