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Old Panoramic Photos - Enon Valley PA

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A train of the Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) system passes by the passenger station (to rear of train) and steams eastward through the village of Enon Valley. (c1913) Full Size

A view of a sleepy street in Enon Valley. (1910) Full Size

An old postcard with an inscription I can barely read. It appears to have been sent to Mrs. H. Emmert, #806 Hill St, Sewickley, PA. Postmarked Aug 8, 1912. (1912)Full Size


  1. Hi, Jeff! It’s me again. Just to let you know that both of Enon’s train stations are visible in the top photo.
    The St. Lawrence Hotel was the station from 1852 till 1877, when the new one was built. The St. Lawrence is the long, white, frame building in the lower center toward the front of the train. The 1877 structure is a little difficult to see, but if you follow the train back to the left (west), it is a dark brick structure, with a tall gabeled section in the center and 2 wings coming out on either side. We wish that these buildings were still around, but at least we still have these old photos to look back to yesterday. This photo was probably taken around 1900. Thanks for your preservation of Lawrence County memories!


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