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Shenango High School - Shenango Twnp PA

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Construction of the new $2.2 million Shenango Area Joint High School commenced in mid-1957, but was delayed later that year due to construction errors. The 26-classroom school, designed by architect Harding Thayer, finally opened in early September 1959. The school was formally dedicated during a ceremony held on Sunday, November 21, 1959. High School Principal Anthony Venturella would oversee thirty-seven teachers and other staff members. (c1979) Full Size

Shenango High School. (c1964) Full Size

The School Board of the Shenango Area Joint School District, led by President Joseph C. Trimble (front & center), pictured here during the 1964-65 school year. (1964)Full Size

Edwin C. Beatty (1906-1968), the former principal of the Shenango High School, served as the Supervising Principal (Superintendant) of the school district from 1958 until he retired in June 1967. He unfortunately passed away at the age sixty-one about a year later. (c1965)

Anthony A. Venturella (1920-2009), a graduate of Westminster College, served as principal of the Shenango High School from c1957-1967. He succeeded Beatty as the Supervising Principal of the district in June 1967 and served in that post until he retired in 1983. (c1965)

The administrative staff of the 1964-65 school year. (1964) Full Size

The band warms up inside the gymnasium. (1964) Full Size

Some of the seniors pictured on page 27 of the 1965 Tomahawk yearbook. (1965) Full Size

A portion of the junior class during the 1964-65 school year. (1965) Full Size

The cafeteria staff. (1965) Full Size

The varsity cheerleaders from the 1964-65 school year. (1965)Full Size

The Shenango High Wildcats, led by head coach Harry Zurasky, compiled a 5-3-1 record during the late 1964 season – including late season victories over Mohawk (12-6 score) and Center Township (26-2). Star halfback (and punter) #22 Wayne Weaver is pictured carrying the ball above. (1964) Full Size

A photo from the Junior-Senior prom held on Friday, May 20, 1966. The theme was “Rhapsody in Stardust.” (1966) Full Size

Two students prepare for commencement exercises on Tuesday, June 7, 1966. (1966)

A senior receives his well-earned high school diploma. (1966)

The senior majorettes – and mascot – from the 1965-66 school year. (1966) Full Size

On Thursday, February 24, 1966, the high school faculty took on the Harlem Diplomats, a barnstorming comedic basketball team similar to the Harlem Globetrotters. I believe 6’6” Dick “Hooks” Harvey, a former Globetrotter and owner of the Diplomats, is pictured above. During the previous year this team had compiled a record of 173-4 while entertaining crowds around the world. The Diplomats were disbanded in 1978. (1966) Full Size

The varsity basketball squad from the 1965-66 school year, coached by social studies teacher Edward M. Nahas Sr. The coach’s son Ed Jr. was on this team. These boys finished with a record on 7-3, including a 102-49 drubbing of Laurel High School. (1966) Full Size

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(Oct 2012) Full Size

The track and football field. (Aug 2015)

The Shenango High baseball field, named in honor of 1946 graduate Chuck Tanner. (Aug 2015)

The monument honoring Chuck Tanner (1928-2011), who is well-known for coaching the Pittsburgh Pirates to the 1979 World Series championship. (Aug 2015)

(Aug 2015)


  1. Jeff,

    I graduated from SHS in 1966.

    I was on the cross country team and we finished fifth at the state meet in the fall of 1965.

    I was the president of the band and am somewhere in that picture of the band that was taken my junior year (1964. Must have been a pep rally. The band director standing in front of us is Stan Pruchnic.

    The two girls getting ready for graduation are Betsy Hudak and Patty Allison. The guy getting his diploma form Joe Trimble (School board President) is one of the Tharpe twins (I am pretty sure it is Terry).

    The individual getting his head patted by a Harlem diplomat is Harvey Zinkham who was one of our High School Math teachers.

  2. (EDITOR’S NOTE) Greg, Thanks for the great post and the informative details it contained. It’s much appreciated! Jeff

  3. Hello,
    I graduated from SHS in 1974. Greg Reynolds (message of Sept 2013) lived across the street from me until around 1968 or so.
    Suzanne Marino graduated from Nursing School and just recently retired from the profession. She dated my Cousin Anthony in high school; they eventually married and were together until he passed a few years ago.
    Patti Frabotta


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