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B&O "UN" Tower - Mahoningtown PA

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The UN Interlocking Tower, a a two-story switching center, was built sometime in the 1890’s by the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad (B&O) to control traffic in and out of the eastern yards at New Castle Junction. It was named “UN” for nearby Union Valley and manned 24-hours a day. While many other similar towers were shutdown over the years the UN Tower remained in use by the B&O and successor railroads because of its vital location. It was finally phased out in November 1995 as a CSX operations center in distant Jacksonville, Florida, took over its functions. (Apr 1975) Full Size

The “UN” Tower was slated for demolition until a group of dedicated railroad enthusiasts, who became the Beaver-Lawrence Railroad Historical Society (BLRHS), were able to acquire the tower – after several delays – for $500 in June 1998. The tower is shown here at its original location near West Pittsburg. (c1985) Full Size

The UN Tower was relocated to a location along the former Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) lines on Cherry Street in Mahoningtown (shown above) on October 5, 1998. The top floor was carefully removed and reattached after the move. It the coming years the tower was painstakingly restored to its original glory. It was formally dedicated during a community ceremony on August 19, 2001, although additional interior work continues even today. (Oct 2012) Full Size

The effort to acquire, relocate, and refurbish this structue was quite a major feat. Congrats and thanks to the BLRHS! (Oct 2012) Full Size

This is one of the earliest photos I took of Lawrence County. It was taken in December 2006 a full three years before I started this website. I was working on my family history and happened to snap some photos while out and about. Glad I did. (2006) Full Size


  1. Love this tower. Are there drawings avaiable? I want to scrathbuild this tower in S scale for the Pgh S Gaugers. Gary Carmichael


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