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East End Hotel/Ellwood Academy - Ellwood City PA

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The East End Hotel opened in 1893 on the southwest corner of 2nd Street and Franklin Avenue. Two years later it was acquired by Professor S. F. Hogue of Rose Point and converted into a educational facility known as the Ellwood Academy. A new education building was started right next door to it but it was never completed beyond its foundation. The facility closed in 1896 and the building was subsequently used as a wholesale liquor store, a boarding house known as the Liberty Inn, and an apartment building. The building, then in use as an apartment building, was destroyed by a horrific fire on the evening of Monday, March 2, 1925. Several panic-stricken residents reportedly jumped from second story windows to escape the inferno. No one was killed but the building was a total loss. Today the location is a parking lot for the Pizza King restaurant. (c1895) Full Size


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