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Old Photos - New Galilee PA

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The Ohio & Pennsylvania Railroad (O&P) opened its line through the area in 1851 and around it grew the little village of New Galilee, which went unnamed until about 1854. A post office was opened in 1856 and the town was officially incorporated in 1868. (c1907) Full Size

Full Size

This postcard was sent from New Galilee to Mr. Clifford Hazen in Ellwood City in late July 1907. The inscription reads, “Well Clifford I thought I would send you a card. What do you think of it? When I came home last night I found the baby sick he is a little better today. He is getting his teeth I think. Uncle Edd.” Full Size

A typical street scene in rural New Galilee. (c1905) Full Size

The view looking north along Washington Avenue in New Galilee. (c1905) Full Size

The back of this postcard reads in part, “Arrived safe. Earl needs some medicine then he will be all right. Gave him some this morn. Intended writing letter but no time. Guess I told you tho. Did Molly get up. I saw Roy at the station… Mary” It was postmarked November 8, 1907, and sent to Mrs. Geo. Weekly in Jefferson County , Ohio. (c1907) Full Size

Another street scene in New Galilee. The inscription on this postcard, sent to Master Lester Fuhrman in West Point Nebraska, reads, “Dear Cousin, How do you like school. I like to go. Have gone one week. This is the second week for us. We are all well and hope you are the same. Love to all. Your cousin Eugene.” (Sept 1911) Full Size

A postcard sent to Mr. John Boggs in New Galilee. (Jan 1908) Full Size

Street scene New Galilee. Notice the hitching post on right. (c1915) Full Size


  1. I was delighted to see this photo! At the top right hand of the picture you will see my house. It hasn’t changed much since then. Do you have any idea when the picture was taken? The church on the right hand side has since been remodeled into a home, and it belongs to my in-laws.

  2. (EDITOR’S NOTE) Heather, I believe the top postcard is from c1909. I’ve actually had a few people inquire about it. I have more old photos of New Galilee that will be posted soon and I look forward to expanding my New Galilee section. Jeff


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