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Union Bus Depot - New Castle PA

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The new Union Bus Depot was opened at #115 North Jefferson Street on Wednesday, December 20, 1939. The city controlled the property but leased it out. The depot itself was managed by Ernie Crawford for a time during the 1940’s. A man from Bessemer named John Sgaraglino leased the property beginning in 1953. The 24-hour depot included a Western Union office and a modern restaurant. Among the bus companies that operated out of the depot over the years included the Smeal Bus Co., Bessemer-Hillsville Bus Co., West Ridge Transportation Co., Harmony Shortline Motor Transportation Co., Penn-Ohio Coach Lines, and the Greyhound Bus Lines. (1940) Full Size

The Bus Depot (seen on left) sat along North Jefferson Street at the southwest corner of the intersection with North Street. In the late 1950’s the city, who owned the property through the “library board,” wanted it torn down so a metered parking lot could be built. The case was disputed for several years as the city felt the bus companies should build their own depots. The depot was eventually closed by late 1960’s. The building was torn down and today is the site of small parking lot. (c1955) (Photo is provided courtesy of Mike Chachich – and all commercial rights are reserved by him) Full Size


  1. Great image. Thanks for the up close peek into the Past. Wish there were more, that clear.


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