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PRR Freight Station (Walford Station) - Bessemer PA

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In 1905 the Pennsylvania Railroad built a 3.5-mile extension off its mainline at Covert’s Crossing to reach the limestone, cement, brick, and oil industries at Bessemer. To avoid confusion with the town of North Bessemer it called its new freight station “Walford.” Walford Station, with John F. Parks serving as freight agent, opened in early September 1905 – with the station at Covert’s Crossing being closed at the same time. I believe the station was located somewhere near the brick plant on East Poland Avenue. The “Walford Secondary Track,” which came under control of the newly created Penn Central Railroad in 1968, remained in service to Bessemer for many years but was finally closed to all freight traffic in late 1977. (c1930) Full Size


  1. Where did the Pensy extension actually enter into Bessemer? I looked on Google Earth and couldn’t really trace it from Coverts Crossing. Did it pass through what is now Mohawk Trails? Thanks!


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