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Grasselli/New Castle Chemical Company - New Castle PA

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The Grasselli Chemical Company, a chemical manufacturing firm based in Cleveland, commenced operations at a new plant on Sampson Street in November 1911. The New Castle plant manufactured sulfuric acid, which was utilized by the regional iron and steel plants in a metal cleaning process known as “pickling.” In 1915 the company spent $200,000 to drastically enlarge the facility as business was booming. In 1928 the Grasselli Company was acquired by the E. I. DuPont de Nemours Company (or simply DuPont) and in the early 1940’s the Sampson Street facility was retooled to manufacture raw materials related to the zinc coating process. DuPont sold the plant to the upstart New Castle Chemical Company in September 1950 and it remained in operation until it was closed for good in late October 1960. The site was subsequently razed, with the help of a mysterious fire, and soon became the new home of a junkyard/salvage business. (c1920) Full Size


  1. Thank you. My GGrandfather, W H Tanney,, originally of Beaver Falls, PA, worked for Grasselli in Indiana, where he met & married his wife. Now I know how he came to be working for the same company closer to home after his marriage.

    I’ve enjoyed your site. Thank you for the photos and information.


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