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Ellwood City Forge - Ellwood City PA

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In 1910 brothers Jonathan A. Evans and David A. Evans, members of the pioneering Evans family from Ellwood City, founded the Ellwood Forge Company along Commercial Avenue. The small plant manufactured steel forgings to be used inside various types of heavy duty engines – eventually including those in locomotives, airplanes, and submarines. Business boomed during World War I but suffered during the Great Depression of the 1930’s. The Evans brothers built major additions in 1939-1941 and business thrived due to lucrative defense contracts during World War II. Ellwood Forge continued to grow and in 1990 a parent company, Ellwood Group Inc., was formed to oversee the plant and numerous other facilities it had acquired in four states and Canada. (c1990) Full Size

Jonathan A. Evans and David A. Evans, whose grandfather Jonathan Evans settled in the area in the early 1800’s, were heavily involved in all aspects of civic life of Ellwood City. The both served on the School Board, Borough Council, Chamber of Commerce, Hospital Board, and with numerous other organizations. In 1942 they donated the land and funds to build the new Mary Evans Maternity Hospital, which was expanded upon in 1974 to become the new Ellwood City Hospital. They both passed away in the 1940’s but members of the Evans family still own and run the Ellwood Group today. (c1930) Full Size

Employees of the Ellwood City Forge depart following a shift at the plant. (c1976) Full Size


  1. My paternal grandmother was Ella Elvira Evans, who was born in Ellwood City. She married Leehoven Hodge Francis. I was told that I am named after my paternal grandmother’s brother, Dr. Daniel Evans and that Mary Evans was my great grandmother. I wonder if you know anything of Ella Elvira Evans?

  2. Ella Elvira Evans was my mother’s maternal grandmother. I believe she died in 1947 from a rooster spur. I’m also interested in the Evans family in case anyone has further information on Ella.


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