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MP Coney Island Restaurant - New Castle PA

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In 1920 two young immigrants from Greece, George Papazickos (1897-1976) and John Mitsos (1895-1972), opened a small restaurant on West Washington Street. They called their business Coney Island Lunch, which specialized in selling Greek-style hot dogs with their own secret chili sauce. They moved several times and eventually settled at #122 West Washington Street (current site of Eat N’ Park). In March 1971, with their longtime location slated for demolition and redevelopment, Mitsos and Papazickos, who both soon retired, moved to a new location on the Diamond – and renamed their business as MP Coney Island. A second restaurant was also opened in Neshannock Township in April 1972. Both of the restaurants are still owned by descendants of the two original owners. It’s because of their immense popularity along with other similar establishments that New Castle adopted the nickname of “the Hot Dog Capital of the World” in the 1970’s. (c1925) Full Size

The MP Coney Island restaurant on the Diamond opened in early 1971 after the old site on West Washington Street was slated for demolition and redevelopment. (Mar 2013) Full Size

The newer MP Coney Island opened on Wilmington Road in Neshannock Township in April 1972. (Mar 2013) Full Size

A couple of hot dogs and burgers loaded up with the chili sauce made famous in New Castle. (Aug 2013) Full Size


  1. Ive grown up on the coney island hotdog shop every since i was a little girl thank you John for a wonder ful chili your my favorite chili

  2. I’ll have two with everything please!

  3. I was charged tax on an order taken out. When I asked the girl behind the counter she told me there is sales tax on all orders. If you intend to charge tax on all orders and break the law I will take my receipt and send it to the IRS of Pa and explain how your restaurant is doing this. If this was her mistake by the girl then your managers need to instruct the help better. I will go 1 more time and get an order to go if I am again charged tax I will go to the right authority.

  4. Oh my….fries with gravy please :)

  5. Speaking of tax, I think you just paid the Privilege tax.Cause I think it is a privilege just to be able to sit down in there and enjoy America at it’s best. When I came home from the service back in the late 60’s I wanted nothing more than to eat a Coney Island Hot dog. My Dad and Mom stopped there and I went in and ordered a box of dogs with everything. when they were ready I reached into my pocket to pay. Mary said “Put your money back in your pocket Sailor” These are on the house.

  6. Anthony Rothwell would complain if they hung him with new rope This state everything is taxed except medicine why should you not pay tax take out or eat in what a nut job and I approve this message

  7. Maybe Anthony should have done a little research before letting accusations fly.


  8. I had my first Coney at about age 4 or 5, and that was in the 50s. Ate 16 of them one time. I live in Raleigh, NC, and finally have found a sauce that is about as close as you can get to New Castle chili – at The Roast Grill. Also founded and still owned by the same Greek family since 1940. If you pass through Raleigh, try it!


  10. My mom used to be a waitress at the Coney Island when I was a kid in the 60s. Along with the chili dogs they had Lamb-on-the-rod as a special a couple of days of the week. My dad used to drink beer at the Capitol, too or go across the alley to Frank’s.

  11. My dad introduced me to Coney Dogs in the mid 1970’s. While I moved from the area in the late 1980’s, I still come home whenever I can to get the best chili dogs anywhere.

  12. I grew up in New Castle in the 60’s & 70’s and remember the old coney island. We used to walk there after swimming lessons at the “Y” Best Dogs ever. The sauce isn’t as hot as it used to be. Still go there every year when I visit family. I prefer Bills dogs now in Union TWP. Lived on the East Side actually in an apt what was once the Pink Elephant.

  13. My dad loved this place and took us there often I’d have cherry pop and a hotdog :) My dad would have 2 hamburgers everything and coffee :) In the 80’s and ’90’s when Halloween came around, I used to have Coney Island Chili for hotdogs and have little Huggies in a wheel barrel full of ice . . . I’d tell the kids to come back with their parents to have some food with us . . . One boy, home from the Gulf War said, “ What a great thing to come home to ! “ . . . I always remembered that :). They all put their bags of candy down and all wanted the Coney Island Sauce :) Great memories of Coney Island. What a nice family they are ! :) <3


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