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Parkey's Magic Chef - New Castle PA

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An advertisement for Parkey’s Magic Chef, a diner located at the corner of North Jefferson and Grant Streets in New Castle. I believe the site may currently be home to Pizza Hut. That’s about all I know right now. (1964) Full Size


  1. The site of Pizza Hut was formerly the site of a church, so this might have been across the street. There used to be a small diner in the corner of the property where the former gas station (now office building) was located.

  2. Tim, I believe you are correct about the location of the restaurant. Parkeys was sold to Gus Epitropolous in the mid 70’s, after they closed the Crescent Cafe in Mahoningtown.

    Gus ran it until the mid 80’s, when he sold it and it became Sadie’s diner.

    Now it is an office building.

  3. Parkie’s was a classic chrome round top trailer diner. He served the fasted and best breakfast at the time. He had to retire for medical reasons.He helped me get started in the restaurant business and was my mentor until he passed.Til this day he was the best grill cook I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen some great ones.We think about him often here at Starwood.

  4. A favorite breakfast place,good prices


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