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Teece Lumber & Supply - Hickory Twnp PA

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The Teece Lumber and Supply Company, which was opened in c1947, was located at #2327 Harlansburg Road just west of the intersection with Route 388. The store sold various building and farming supplies and was in operation until at least the early 1980’s. (1964) Full Size


  1. I have a metal thermometer that would hang outside that has this company on it and the owners name and there address and telephone number. Is it worth anything?

  2. It was Cooper Lumber or maybe Copper Lumber for at least the better part of the 80’s and 90’s. Now there is a hair salon in there.

  3. (EDITOR’S NOTE) Angela, the thermometer is probably not worth a whole lot. If its the regular small size one it might bring anywhere from $10-25 on eBay. It has great sentimental value though and perhaps someone would cherish it if they made a connection to the company. Jeff

  4. Thanks Janet you are right. It was Copper Lumber from 1988-2002. It was owned by John Rush and non operational prior to that since the Swogger family sold it to him. Ed Teece did build and start the core business and and I believe he sold it to the Swoggers when he retired. Our family were the Copper’s and I will try to find some pictures of it during our time there. Angela , I have one of the Teece thermometers too so there are at least two of them left!:)


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