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Weingartner Florist - New Castle PA

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In 1933 Thomas J. Cunningham (1893-1966), a longtime employee of Butz Flowers, and Robert A Weingartner (1910-1996) founded the Cunningham & Weingartner Florist. They opened a store at #22 North Mill Street in downtown New Castle. They also operated a greenhouse facility on Old Butler Road in Shenango Township and in late 1956 opened the Garden Center in Neshannock Township. After Cunningham retired in about 1960 the business became known as Weingartner Florist. (1965) Full Size

In the early 1970’s, with urban redevelopment underway, Weingartner had to abandon his downtown store as it was razed to make way for the new Washington Centre business and shopping complex. The floral business, soon under the ownership of his sons George and Tom, operated solely out of the Neshannock Township location until they opened a new downtown store in the Towne Mall. The downtown store was later closed and today Weingartner’s Florist still operates at #2701 Wilmington Road in Neshannock Township. (c1964) Full Size


  1. I just came upon an old document from Thomas J. Cunningham he was my Grandfathers brother. I never met any of the Cunningham’s as he married my Grandmother during the war. Its really great to find a little history. Do you have any other things about Thomas Cunningham and his immediate family?

  2. Amy Ashton,

    I am the 69th grandchild (out of 70) of Thomas J. Cunningham. I would love to know more details about his brother and family. I have a photo of them as children and of our great grandparents that you might appreciate. I’m sure a number of the cousins would love to know more as well.
    You can contact me at pepperjac72@gmail.com

    -Cousin Janel

  3. Dad’s old Sporting Goods Store and Gas Station was across Hwy 18 on the other corner from here. W.C. Stull was his name.


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