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Moravia Stop/Castlewood School - Castlewood (Shenango Twnp) PA

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In 1915 the two-room Moravia Stop School (shown above) was opened on Harmony Baptist Road and was named for the nearby streetcar stop on the Harmony Line. A smaller building was soon erected behind it and these two buildings later worked in conjunction with the nearby Hill School. The larger building handled grades 1-4, the smaller building grades 5-6, and the aging Hill School grades 7-8. In late 1931, with the closing of the Harmony Line, the school became known as the Castlewood School and later absorbed the 7-8 graders when the Hill School closed in c1943. The Castlewood School was closed in June 1958 and that fall the local students were transported to the renamed Shenango Elementary School (old consolidated school) or the new Shenango High School. The old school buildings were used for recreation purposes for a time, but also sat in legal limbo due to deeds/ownership issues. The school buildings were finally sold in February 1968, and the new owner turned the property over to the adjacent Castlewood CMA Church the following December. The smaller building had previously been carted away and the larger schoolhouse was razed in February 1972 to make room for a new church parsonage. (c1921) Full Size

This old aerial photo shows the location of the two Castlewood School buildings and CMA Church along Harmony Baptist Road in Castlewood. I not certain that the building at top left is the Hill School – perhaps someone can confirm this. The old Moravia Stop on the Harmony Streetcar Line was located east of Hollow Road, which is just off photo to the right. (c1939) Full Size


  1. My grandma and her siblings attended these schools. She was born in 1933. They lived down a lane off of Hollow Rd.

  2. I attended this school for grades 1 through 6. We lived at what is now 637 Harmony Baptist Road. The house on top of the hill right above our house was Hill School.

  3. Sarah, after looking at the map, you are correct about the location of Hill School.

  4. I lived on Center St. and went to the 2 room school for 1st and 2nd grade until it was closed

  5. In the photo of Castlewood it shows the Castlewood school and an auxiliary building.
    I grew up in Castlewood from around 1960 to 1978 at 669 Harmony Baptist Rd. Anyway, It is my understanding that the auxiliary building was the “High-school”. When the old school was torn down the auxiliary building was moved by Mr. Forbush. You can see it today. It is now a garage beside Mr. Forbush’s house behind the Forbush Custard stand.


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