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Old Photos - West Pittsburg PA

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One of my best family photos! My great grandparents Charles Sr. and Mary DeMarc relaxing in front of their bake house on Canal Street. Taken sometime after their son Lou’s death in August 1944. The toll of the last few years in clearly evident on both of them – particularly in Mary’s weathered face. (c1945)

My great grandparents Charles Sr. and Mary DeMarc, who both hailed from southern Italy and were married in New Castle in August 1907. They made their longtime home on Canal Street and raised ten children into adulthood. (c1938)

Charles DeMarc Sr. plucking a chicken behind his home on Canal Street. (c1935)

Charles DeMarc Sr. and friend “C. Angelo” in West Pittsburg. (c1935)

My grandfather George DeMarc (on right) with his nephew Albert “Humpie” Pennachio. (c1950)

Another photo of Humpie and George. These two were like brothers as my great grandmother Mary DeMarc pretty much raised her grandson Humpie. (c1950)

A painting of Italian immigrants Ralph Panella (1885-1961) and Maria Di Matteo (DeMatteo). Maria was one of four sisters born in Alife, Italy. She arrived in Mahoningtown in June 1903, was married to Ralph, and they settled in West Pittsburg. Two other sisters followed in her footsteps – Jennie married Salvatore Russo and settled in Mahoningtown and Mary married Charles DeMarc Sr. (Mary and Charles are my great grandparents) and settled in West Pittsburg. Unfortunately, Maria, who had given birth to four children (one died at or just after birth), died unexpectedly in approximately 1911. Nothing is known about the actual details and I have no idea where she is buried. I do know that her widowed husband Ralph was soon remarried to Martha Cifone and fathered five more children. Ralph was very crafty with tools and I believe he helped his son John A. Panella (1907-1994) establish the Panella Company in 1934. (c1904) Full Size


  1. Hi there,
    I was so happy to find all this information on your site. My grandfather is John Panella who was Ralph and Maria’s son. I think that makes us related in a distant way. Just wanted to reach out and say thank you. I knew a lot of the story but you definitely filled in some blanks!

    Melinda Insana

  2. Hey there,
    When I saw this picture, you could’ve knocked me over with a feather! Ralph and Martha (Cifone) are my Great-Grandparents. I have a photograph in which this picture is hanging on the wall behind my Great grandfather and my Great uncle John….. Always nice discovering family! Take care! – Debby Cooper (daughter of Patricia Panella)

  3. do you got any old pics of my street 12th street wp in the early 1990s before my brick home burned down hope I can see them again sometime.

  4. My name is Patsy Pannelle. My grandfather was Pasquale Panella and my grandmother was Maria Rotunno Panella. My dad changed our last name to Pannelle and I do no know why. My grandfather and grandmother came to Sharon, PA with their 9 month old daughter Giavonna and his brother Ralph Panella and two sisters with the last name of Russo in 1901. I have been back to the village in Italy where they lived and left another brother. I have met our relatives who are still living there. I have a copy of the ship’s record showing their names, age and destination. I also have a picture and name of the ship they came on. I have pictures of our relatives in Italy and the farm which my grandfather owned and which is still in the family. My phone number is 724-347-2000.


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