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St. John United Holy Church - New Castle PA

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In 1925 Mrs. Gussie M. Walker, recently ordained as a minister in Pittsburgh, came to New Castle with the determination and intention to start a new church. She soon founded the St. John United Holy Church, which was affiliated with the United Holy Church of America – an African-American Holiness Pentecostal denomination incorporated in 1918. Walker initially held services in the “upper room,” a second story room in building on Taylor Street. In the late 1940’s a lot was purchased at the the corner of Moravia and Reynolds Street. A building fund was started and a new church (shown above) was dedicated sometime in late 1953. The energetic Walker served as the pastor for an amazing forty-eight years until she retired in late 1973. (c1970)

Gussie Walker came to New Castle in 1925 with a dream to establish her own church. She founded the St. John United Holy Church soon after her arrival. (c1930)

Gussie Walker served as pastor of St. John United Holy Church for an amazing forty-eight years. She retired in late 1973. (c1970)

The Reverend Abram W. Pippins, who served three years as her assistant pastor, took over the reins when Gussie Walker retired in 1973. Walker, who was married to a fellow retired pastor in 1974, passed away at the age of eighty-two in December 1981, but the small church she founded is still in operation today. (Aug 2012) Full Size

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  1. Greetings,in 1951 i moved from California to new castle with my mother. There, i discovered physical and mental abuse from my step father. But the love of St. John is what helped us make it.

  2. Also please remember my Grandad Vohu Johnson. He built the beautiful St. John.


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