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Princeton Memorial Presbyterian Church - Princeton PA

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In 1868 the congregation of the Hermon Reformed Presbyterian Church on Frew Mill Road spilt with a faction led by the Reverend Robert McMillan breaking away. They set up in the Shaw School and then a temporary building known as the “Tabernacle,” before relocating to the village of Princeton in 1870. A new church (shown above), which became known as the Princeton Memorial Presbyterian Church and cost about $3,200, was opened in the spring of 1871. McMillan reluctantly stepped down as pastor in 1875 due to illness and passed away a few years later. The building was expanded and remodeled many times over the years and was renamed as the Princeton Memorial United Presbyterian Church in the early 1960’s. The church, which was always retained a close relationship with Hermon Presbyterian Church, is still in service today. (2006) (Photo courtesy of Dee Dee Laird) Full Size

Sometime in the early 1980’s a car skidded off the road and slammed into the small addition you see to the rear. Dee Dee Laird, a young parishioner at that time, remembers, “I was a little kid when this happened – very exciting!” (2006) (Dee Dee Laird photo) Full Size

The circular inscription just over the doorway reads, “Thy way, Oh God, is in the sanctuary.” (2006) (Dee Dee Laird photo) Full Size

The ladies and children of the church in about 1916. It looks like an wheelchair sitting at the left – perhaps a child had been stricken with polio? From the left the FIRST ROW is: Paul Stickle, Mildred McGuire, unknown, Elsie Weisz Sherman, unknown, Lucille Shaffer Wardley, Wendell Myers. From left the SECOND ROW is: Mrs. George Bowers & unknown child, Maude Shaffer & Rosabelle, unknown duo, Elizabeth Linton & Genevieve, Dora Kennedy Weise & Mary, Nancy Frew Braden & William, May Frew Shaffer & Etta and Vance, and Blanche Blair Myers & Eleanor. From left the third row: Ada Frew Wilson & David, Elizabeth Campbell Shaffer & George, and Mrs. Hunter & unknown child. (c1916) (Dee Dee Laird photo) Full Size

The Communion table at the front of the pulpit area. (2006) (Dee Dee Laird photo)

The piano in the Sunday School room. (2006) (Dee Dee Laird photo)

A Christmas program performed by the Sunday School class. A young Dee Dee Laird (red and white shirt) and her brother David (green shirt) are at right end of first row. (1980) (Dee Dee Laird photo) Full Size

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  1. My grandmother is in the back row of the “ladies picture” and my mother (born 1913) is also in the picture. My grandfather (Rev. Joseph I. Gregory) was pastor of the church in the late 1920s


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