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Northminster Presbyterian Church - Neshannock Twnp PA

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Northminster Presbyterian Church has its beginnings in about 1851, when a small group of “Free” Presbyterians led by Joseph S. White founded a church in downtown New Castle. Within a few years they erected a church/public meeting place near the Diamond known as White Hall. The building, which came to be known as the Central Presbyterian Church, was extensively remodeled in later years and was lost to a devastating fire in March 1949. The church members debated what to do and soon decided to rebuild at a new location. Meanwhile, as the congregation held services in the Scottish Rite Cathedral, work on a new Central Presbyterian Church began in Neshannock Township in June 1950. The impressive structure was opened for services in June 1952 and officially dedicated on May 10, 1953. The thriving congregation adopted the new name of Northminster Presbyterian Church in early 1959 and is still in service today. (Mar 2013) Full Size

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