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Enon Valley Public Schools - Enon Valley PA

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For a number of years a small brick schoolhouse, located between “old” Enon Valley and the “new” Enon Valley, served the local children. In 1870 a two-story brick school was built in “new” Enon Valley, and a larger wooden frame school (shown above) was opened along Cherry Alley in c1880. This school served all grades for a number of years and by 1916 had a four-year high school program (through 12th grade). In 1927, with the opening of another school next door, this building became known as the Enon Valley High School. (Lawrence County Historical Society photo) (c1929) Full Size

This school was closed in 1943 (for high schoolers anyway) and local high school kids began attending class in East Palestine OH – and later yet in nearby Darlington. This building, which possibly served primary-aged pupils into the 1950’s, may have been razed in about 1961. (1911) Full Size

The two-room Enon Valley School, located next to the older two-story school on Cherry Alley, was opened for classes in late 1927. It initially served all local students up to the eighth grade, but later served pupils in grades 1-6 as the Enon Valley Elementary School. It continued in operation after Enon Valley joined the Northwestern Beaver County School District in 1957 and the Blackhawk School District in 1970. It was finally closed for good in June 1971 when it was home to forty-six students in grades 1st, 2nd, and 5th. It still serves the community today as the Enon Valley Borough Building. (Lawrence County Historical Society photo) (c1935) Full Size

This map shows the location of the two schools, located next to each other, in the settlement of Enon Valley. (1937) Full Size

The former brick schoolhouse in Enon Valley is now a private residence. (May 2013)

The former two-room Enon Valley School, now in use as a community center. (May 2013)

The site of the former schools on Cherry Alley. The two-room Enon Valley School, which opened in 1927, in seen on right. The former Enon Valley School/High School, in use from c1880-1943, was located on the left where the basketball court is situated. (May 2013) Full Size

A basketball court was built over the site of the former Enon Valley High School. (May 2013)

The Enon Valley High School once sat at this location. It was torn down in c1961. (May 2013)

The former Enon Valley School. (May 2013)

Looking towards the front of the old Enon Valley School. (May 2013)


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