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Muddy Creek Falls - Slippery Rock Twnp PA

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Muddy Creek Falls in Slippery Rock Township. (c1910) Full Size

Muddy Creek Falls. (c1918)

Muddy Creek Falls. (c1910)

The back of this postcard is addressed to Miss Grace Dick in Akron OH on July 21, 1910. The inscription reads, “This is handy our camping place. Isn’t it a beautiful place. Yours truly, W. H. Craig. P.S. Present address Rosepoint Pa.” (1910) Full Size


  1. In the early 1950s, Willis Shook, the head of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, purchased the property and built a house adjacent to the falls. The Lawrence County Commissioners attempted to take the land by eminent domain, and Mr. Shook closed the area to the public. The property is still owned by the Shook family, but seems to be abandoned. The house and property are in a state of deterioration. Lots of junk around the house, and the roof is rotting. The house appear to be uninhabitable. The driveway bridge over Muddy Creek is also not passable.

  2. Would you happen to have a picture of the Shook House by Grant City Falls? It has been years since I hiked the area, but I thought its architecture was that of mid-century modern.

  3. Do you know owns this property now? Is it still William Shook? I have explored this abandoned location is i was absolutely blown away, i wanna see if their willing to sell


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