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Croton United Methodist Church - New Castle PA

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In about 1847 a small group of Methodists began meeting in private homes in the Croton section of New Castle. Among the early parishioners of the Croton Methodist Episcopal Church were members of the Crowe family, of which “Crowe Town” – shortened to Croton in the 1840’s – took its name. Within a few years a small church (shown above) was built on Dewey Avenue and renamed as the Shenango Methodist Episcopal Church in 1886. In 1893 the congregation moved into a new building on Croton Avenue and the older building was later sold to become the home of the Dewey Avenue Free Methodist Church. (c1909) Full Size

In 1893 a new church (shown above), which was designed by architect S. W. Foulk and cost just over $7,000, was opened on Croton Avenue and the name was changed back to Croton Methodist Episcopal Church. The church underwent periodic upgrades and improvements in the coming years and the congregation celebrated its 100th anniversary in early July 1950. The building was damaged by a fire on Saturday, February 3, 1951, but a wedding scheduled for that evening went forward due to the efforts of the church officials. After a 1968 denominational merger the congregation took on the name of Croton United Methodist Church. The church is still in active service today. (May 2013) Full Size

A baseball team representing the Croton Methodist Episcopal Church. (c1915) Full Size

An advertisement announcing the “consummated union” of the Methodist and Evangelical United Brethren Churches that formed the new United Methodist Church denomination. (Apr 1968) Full Size

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  2. I attended Croton Church in the 40s.
    Remember the black minstrel shows that were so good.
    Walked from Dewey Ave down the ally or Hemingway
    Right to croton to the church.


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