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Villanova Inn - New Castle PA

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An advertisement for the Villanova Inn on East Washington Street. (1957)


  1. Hung out here in late 50’s. Always a game of liars poker was in progress. Remember Lester Maliza well.

  2. Best sausage sandwich I ever had, on a homemade bun, late 60’s

  3. My father, George Houston, hung out here fairly often in the 50s, before getting married. He spoke of Lester Maliza. I remember him bringing home large square pizza for us from time to time, pretty good, at least for us kids.

  4. I well remember stopping here after high school football games in 1958—60 for meatball sandwiches, French fries, etc..always great food.

  5. The Best Pizza in New Castle, back in the day. I cannot believe the City decided to demolish this LANDMARK…Unbelievable…

  6. My Mom and Dad would take us after church service on Sunday Afternoon Lunch/Supper Quite often and I would usually get the Breaded Haddock Fish Dinner that was so large that it did NOT EVEN FIT ON THE OVAL SHAPED PLATE (I Kid you NOT!) — It literally, hung off both sides by a few inches or more! Also, We had Spaghetti & Meatballs, Lobster, Burgers, Etc. – Everything we had was Always Delicious and We always sat on the Dining Room side – As far as I was concerned, The Villa Nova might just as well be the world famous “Guy Savoy. Restaurant” in Paris. What GREAT MEMORIES!

  7. Best Pizza ever , does anyone know of the pizza sauce recipe and the dough ?


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