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St. Paul's Lutheran Church - New Castle PA

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A German Lutheran congregation, which later became known as the St. Paul Lutheran Church, was organized in New Castle in August 1848. A small church was erected in 1851 at the intersection of Jefferson and Grant Streets, but was replaced with a large cathedral-style church – designed by architect C. C. Thayer – in 1899. The congregation merged with that of Bethany Lutheran Church in September 1964 to form the new Redeemer Lutheran Church. In 1970 the Trinity Lutheran Church joined the merger and the new Good Shepherd Lutheran Church was formed. The new congregation continued to meet in the old St. Paul building until the new Good Shepherd Lutheran Church was opened in Shenango Township in late May 1973. The old St. Paul’s Church was razed in November 1973. In late 1977 the Pizza Hut restaurant was opened at the location and is still in operation today. (c1970) Full Size

The old St. Paul’s Lutheran Church along North Jefferson Street was razed in late 1973. A Pizza Hut restaurant was erected there four years later and still occupies the spot today. (Jul 2013) Full Size


  1. This was the church my parents where married in, I was baptized in, My siblings received confirmation in and my brother and one of my sisters where married in. After it was razed and the lot was sold. I used to refer to it as the Pizza Hut Church. The pizza place was in business 2 years before I moved away in Feb. 1975.

  2. My grandfather was the pastor of this church for approximately 20 years including the 2nd world war. His name was Rev Alfred Stump. Regarding John Morris comments, I wonder if my grandfather officiated at your families events?

  3. rev. stump married my parents. I was baptized, confirmed, and married this church. Our 2 sons were baptized in that church. Our youngest son was baptized in the new church. A lot of memories in thr old church and new church.

  4. My parents as well as grand parents .Josh and Bertha timm morgan went there.I was confirmed there by rev price way back when and my brother was also confirmed there. It was a grand old church. Tom Morgan.

  5. XI wonder if all church records went to good shepard church New Castle ,pa


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