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Airport Inn - Parkstown Corners PA

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The Truschel (Trusele) family moved into a log cabin home at Parkstown Corners in c1859. Members of the family resided in the home, which was remodeled various times, until it was sold in 1939. The two new owners converted the structure into a restaurant and small inn which became known as Lobo’s. Roy Powell acquired it in mid-1947 and reopened it as the Airport Inn. There were a handful of rooms rented out as apartments. Ownership changed hands several times in the coming years and it was eventually closed by the early 1980’s. In July 1988 when the abandoned structure was being demolished it was determined that an old log cabin was concealed beneath the modern materials. An historical study was undertaken and it was determined it might be one of the oldest standing structures in Lawrence County. The old log cabin was bought by a private owner and moved to Portersville to become part of a residence. (c1985) (Photo courtesy of Gene Pisella) Full Size


  1. They had the best pizza! Still miss it. We lived in the “Harbor” and used to drive to the Airport Inn with my father to pick up a pizza. I believe it cost 50 cents in the 60s.

  2. Right on the Pizza! Spent many enjoyable evenings here in the ’50’s and ’60’s


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