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A. T. Eckles Grocery Store - Harbor PA

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Missouri-born Arwood Trenton Eckles Sr. (1869-1949), usually referred to as A. T. Eckles, opened a grocery store in the Harbor area in the early 1900’s. Arwood was married twice – first to Mary Winters and then to Mary Ann McConahy in c1898 – and fathered five total children. Arwood and his second wife ran the store for many years, which included the delivery of groceries to the homes of his costumers. Arwood’s youngest son Arwood Jr. or “Chap” (1911-1998) later served in the U.S. Navy during World War II and then as the City Engineer for New Castle. (c1910) (Photo courtesy of Sheri Slater) Full Size

The family of A. T. Eckles Sr., standing on left, at the Old Timers Picnic at Cascade Park on Thursday, August 22, 1912. (1912) (Photo courtesy of Sheri Slater) Full Size

A work truck used to deliver groceries to the homes of the store’s customers. The photo is inscribed with “Otis Matthews.” Arwood had previously utilized a horse named Queen to delivery groceries. (c1917) —— (Photo courtesy of Sheri Slater) Full Size

The A. T. Eckles store sat at the intersection of the Youngstown Road (old Route 422) and the Harbor-Edinburg Road. (c1945) —— (Photo courtesy of Sheri Slater) Full Size

Arwood T. Eckles Sr. standing in front of his store on Monday, June 25, 1945. Germany had recently surrendered but the struggle against Japan was still raging in the Pacific. Arwood passed away in 1949 at the age of about seventy-nine. He was buried in Kings Chapel (Methodist) Cemetery. (1945) —— (Photo courtesy of Sheri Slater) Full Size


  1. Arwood Eckles Jr. mother was Mary McConahy Eckles , she also had two daughters with Arwood Sr.

  2. Thanks Jeff

  3. I grew up in the home across the street from where this store stood. It was still standing when we moved there in 1980. The home that you see behind Eckle’s store in a couple of these photos burnt down on New Year’s Eve 2014.


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