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John F. Kennedy Visit (1960) - Beaver Falls PA

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On Saturday, October 15, 1960, as part of his campaign seeking election to the office of U.S. President, U.S. Senator John F. “Jack” Kennedy (1917-1963) visited downtown Beaver Falls. After earlier stops in Sharon and New Castle the Senator’s 15-car motorcade arrived at the Municipal Building on 15th Street in the early afternoon. In the photo above Kennedy greets his many enthusiastic well wisher’s from the blue collar town of Beaver Falls. (These four photos are courtesy of Jill Craig) Full Size

Kennedy, representing the Democratic ticket, waves to the crowd as he arrives at the Municipal Building in downtown Beaver Falls. A few weeks later he defeated Republican nominee Richard M. Nixon and was elected as the 35th President of the United States. Full Size

People strain to get a glimpse of Kennedy as he gives a brief speech in front of the Municipal Building. Full Size

A donkey, the symbol of the Democratic Party, took part in the motorcade. Full Size


  1. I was a “Kennedy Girl” for JFK’s visit to BF. I wore a plastic derby style hat that had a picture of just his face on the top. Also marched in the parade up 7th avenue. What a great site, it was sent to me by a friend of mine in West Virginia who was also from BF,. I’m really enjoying it. Keep up the good work Jeff!

  2. I was 14 and in the crowd that day way in the back. I got there just toward the end of the speech. I recall the convertible JFK was in, turning right onto 7th Avenue as I was walking south down the block. Kennedy was leaving at that point and I waved to him.


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