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Hoover Heights CMA Church - South New Castle Boro PA

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In about June 1900 the Hoover Heights mission, a non-denominational house of worship, was founded was Morris Street in the Hoover Heights section of South New Castle Boro. Two years later the mission became affiliated with the Christian & Missionary Alliance (CMA) Church, a Protestant denomination founded as a Christian outreach group in New York City back in 1887. The local church was subsequently referred to as the Hoover Heights Tabernacle of the CMA Church. A parsonage was opened on Morehead Avenue in 1919. The church, which celebrated in 100th anniversary in 2000, is still in active service today. (c1910) Full Size


  1. I was married at H.H. -1973.

  2. seeking information on my family from new castle pa. Robert and Rachel Abernathy, his father David Abernethy lived in Grove City. I am trying to find information regarding David’s parents from Ireland, not sure if they were ever in the USA.

  3. Remember being in Sunday School class and Vacation Bible School with you, Bobette. Would love to talk with you.


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