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Colonial/Granada Theater - Beaver Falls PA

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In 1911 the Colonial Theater (shown above) opened at #1123 Seventh Avenue in downtown Beaver Falls. The 300-seat theater was a local hotspot during the silent movie era at that time. It was briefly closed in 1917 but reopened as the New Colonial Theater. A decade later, in 1928, Pittsburgh businessman Samuel Goodman purchased the theater and completely remodeled it in an upscale Spanish motif. A public contest was held to select a new name and it was soon reopened as the Granada Theater. (c1916) Full Size

The Granada Theater (shown above) became very popular with the advent of talking movies or “talkies.” It was later acquired by the Cook-Anderson Company of Beaver and was in operation until it closed in late November 1960. It subsequently served as home to several businesses until it was razed in 2008. Just next door to the right is Benson’s Department Store – and a bit further across 11th Street would be the Brodhead Hotel. (Photo courtesy of Bill Cwynar) (c1930) Full Size

A program from the dedication of the Granada Theater held on Tuesday, December 23, 1929. (1929) (Provided courtesy of Bill Cwynar)

An early 1931 advertisement for the Granada Theater. (1931) (Courtesy of Bill Cwynar)

A closeup showing the intricate design of the outside of the Granada Theater. (Photo courtesy of Bill Cwynar) (c2005) Full Size

The balcony area of the theater. (Photo courtesy of Bill Cwynar) (c1940) Full Size

The demolition of the grand ole’ Granada Theater commenced in late 2008. The one-story Heritage Valley Family Medical Center now occupies the site. (2008) (Bill Cwynar photo) Full Size


  1. I had a problem with that particular lens at the time.These photos broke my heart taking them but I had too.

  2. Glad to see you have the old programs posted Jeff.Glad to be of assistance.

  3. What a shame that more of our old buildings weren’t preserved. I had very fond memories as a child, being able to go to “The Granada” on Saturdays to watch cartoons (I liked Foghorn Leghorn). If I remember correctly, we could get in if we brought a can of food for those that need assistance.

    Popcorn was vended from a machine for 10 cents a bag, buttered popcorn was 50 cents or a dollar (jumbo size) and the huge candy bars were a dollar.


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