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Old Photos - Harbor PA

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A view of the Eckles Store (on left) and the Harbor Presbyterian Church (in center). (c1930) (Courtesy of Sherry Slater) Full Size

The Fike residence at the Harbor. (c1925) (Photo courtesy of Sherry Slater) Full Size

The Red Cross volunteers at the Harbor during the Great War (World War I). (c1918) (Photo courtesy of Sherry Slater) Full Size


  1. My family played a big part in the history of the Harbor area and I used to know everyone along the Old Harbor Rd, but the majority of them are gone now. My grandmother Cora Hartzell owned the chicken farm across the highway from the Harbor Steel Plant. I never knew the Harbor was actually a community with stores and such. Great site. If I find any pictures I’ll be sure to scan and send them to you.

  2. Wow! That first picture took my breath away! It’s so awesome to see how it once looked. That house you see in the background to the left looks like my mom & dad’s house but I don’t think it is. I do have a picture of my mom and dad’s home from way back in the day. If I had a scanner that worked, I’d share it with you.


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