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Slippery Rock Township High School - Princeton PA

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In 1927 the school board officials of the Slippery Rock Township decided to construct a large consolidated school building, which would also host the township high school, in the village of Princeton. The new eight-room school, designed by architect Albert L. Thayer, would replace the “old” two-room Princeton School. Construction got underway in May 1928 and the new one-story building was opened for classes for 123 pupils of all grades in early January 1929. It was formally dedicated during an evening service on Thursday, January 24, 1929. It was often called the (new) Princeton School but was more formally known as the Slippery Rock Township High School. The above photo depicts the high school children of the school in October 1937. (Oct 1937) (Photo courtesy of Dee Dee Laird) Full Size

The senior graduates from the 1928-29 school year of the Slippery Rock Township High School, also known as the Princeton High School. (1929) Full Size

This photo depicts the high school class of the new Princeton School during the 1929-30 school year. After the township joined the new Laurel (Joint) School District in July 1955 this school served primarily as an elementary school for the next two decades. The building was sold for $50,100 in June 1978 as the new Laurel Elementary School was nearing completion. I believe the building remained in active service until the coming December when the new elementary school was finally opened. It was subsequently turned over to new owner Jack Carlson. (1929) (Dee Dee Laird photo) Full Size

This probably a group of 7th and 8th graders – dated 1930. In the second row are Margaret Wilson (3rd from left end) and Marian Wilson (5th from left end). (1930) (Dee Dee Laird photo)

This class photo is dated as 1930. David Wilson is front and center with the basketball. (1930) (Dee Dee Laird photo)

The Carlson Mining Company began utilizing the building in early 1979 for storage and office space. Several rooms were rented out to other companies for offices as well. The school gymnasium and baseball field continue to be used by the local community. The gymnasium began hosting music concerts in 2006 and the building took on the moniker of the “School of Rock.” (Oct 2012) Full Size

(Oct 2012)

(Oct 2012)

(Oct 2012) Full Size

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(Oct 2012) Full Size


  1. I attended ballet classes here in the early 1990’s. My cousin was the teacher.

  2. My wife Betty Book Banks graduated from Princeton High School in 1941. We laugh because I tell my negibors what a smart wife I have as she is a Princeton graduate as they think of Princeton College

  3. The USGS bench mark in the last photo is a mystery. It is not listed in any of the USGS bench mark data sheets. It is stamped TT 7T 1935. TT means Transit Traverse. 7T is the mark designation. 1935 is the year is was surveyed and set. I did find TT 6T 1935 on their data sheets, I think in Lycoming County.

  4. My father-in-law and his brother went here for high school. My wife spend several years here during grade school, with one year at Eastbrook.


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