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Harbor Bridge - Harbor PA

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After the Beaver & Erie Canal was opened along the Shenango River to the Western Reserve Harbor (or Harbor Bridge or simple Harbor) in late 1833, the area became a thriving shipping point. The Erie Canal Company built a covered bridge at the site in 1853. The old bridge was replaced with a single-lane iron bridge (shown above) in about 1898. This bridge was in use for many years and periodically patched up and repaired. In early 1960, as the aging bridge was under weight restrictions, the state decided to explore options to build a new concrete deck span at the same location. (c1920) (Photo courtesy of Sherry Slater) Full Size

Construction of a new $319,000 concrete deck bridge (shown above), to be built next to the old iron bridge, was set to begin in late 1965. However, colder than usual weather delayed the project for most of the winter. Work resumed in April 1966. The old structure had to be temporarily closed for repairs in mid-July, which halted all bridge traffic. The new two-lane bridge was opened to traffic in October 1966. (July 2013)

(Jul 2013)

(Jul 2013)


  1. They just opened the new replacement (third bridge) on July 7, 2017.


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