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Edinburg Christian Church - Edinburg PA

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The Edinburg Christian Church was organized in 1832 by the Reverend Abram Sanders. The forty original members initially met in the home of John Parks, until a small church was built just north of the Mahoning River. In 1893 the church was dismantled and rebuilt at a new location in the village of Edinburg. It was dedicated on May 13, 1894. The congregation, which generally shared a pastor with the First Central Church in New Castle, did not have its own fulltime pastor until 1946. In 1949 the congregation purchased the old North Edinburg School and remodeled it into a parsonage. (c1981)

In the coming years many improvements were made to the church, including a large addition that was dedicated in August 1960. I believe the congregation separated from the Disciples of Christ (Christian Church) organization in 1968 and became independent. The congregation of this old church, which remains in active service, celebrated its 175th anniversary in 2007. (May 2014) Full Size

A group of young parishioners from the Edinburg Christian Church. (1921) Full Size

Services are currently being led by Minister David Snyder. (Aug 2013)

The original church was dismantled and rebuilt at this location in 1893-94. (Aug 2013)

The old church is located on Clay Street. (Aug 2013)

The large addition, dedicated back in 1960, is visible at the rear of the sanctuary. (Aug 2013)

(May 2014) Full Size


  1. This church is about 3 lots away from my grandparents home and across the street. The house is still there along with my aunt and uncles next door. My cousin still lives there. It was built in 1909 by the Toy brothers for my gr-gr aunt Hannah Wigton Harvey. Ken Wigton

  2. Does anyone know who currently owns the church/property? I would be interested in getting in touch with them.

  3. I am a elder and member of Edinburg Christian Church. You can contact me through this e-mail address or call me at 724-652-6243 I am also there every Sunday at 10:00 to 12:00am for church services. We also own the old school house at the beginning of 551 in north Edinburg that is where our preacher David Snyder lives. We would be happy to help you in any way. thank you and God bless

  4. My Grandma is standing in the front row of the Parishioners’ group picture. My family is Italian and Roman Catholic – I think their church was too far away for them to travel to on a regular basis. It’s lovely to think that she was welcomed into the church group. I know the Italian families weren’t blending into New Castle society well at that time.

  5. Transcription of a 1893 Public notice:


    Notice is hereby given that Reuben H. McCullough, Henry W. Standley, Wilson Mitcheltree, M. F. Whiting, J. B. Coates, Sarah Mitcheltree. Lavinah Mitchiltree, Kate Welsh and Agnes Walters, who have associated themselves with others as members of the Christian church at Edenburg. Lawrence coonty, Pa., will apply to Hon A. L. Hazen, President Judge of said county, at New Castle, Pa., on Saturday, 27th January, 1894, at 9 a. m., for the charter of an intended corporation to be called the “Christian Church of Edenburg, Pa.,” under provisions of law relating to such purpose, approved 29th April, 1874, and supplements. The character and object of the corporation is to build and maintain a church and promote the worship of Almighty God in accordance with the forms and teaching of the Christian Church of the United States of America
    Attorney for Applicants.
    December 29h, 1893

    New Castle News Weekly edition
    Wednesday, January 17, 1894


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